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We need your help to raise and train these wonderful service animals. Did you know it takes 2 years to raise and train each of our service dogs? Here are a few options for participating in their journey:

  1. Donate now: No contribution is too small! Each and every contribution will go towards raising and training the service dogs.
  2. Pennies For Puppies Program: Put your spare change to good use! Collect your loose change in a can or jar and when full, turn it in as a D.O.G.S. donation! When distance allows, a volunteer or maybe even one of the service dogs in training will pick it up your location. This is a great way to involve your family, your children and your office in helping to train a service dog for a returning veteran.
  3. Wish List: If you would like to donate an item on our Wish List, the dogs would be forever grateful!
    • Safe, durable dog toys
    • Kuranda dog beds, large (See
    • Towels for bath day!
    • Children's Playground Equipment
  4. Volunteer!
  5. Remember to follow us on Facebook at Dogs Of Great Service to see how your contributions help us change lives.
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