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Dogs Of Great Service (D.O.G.S.) is a public charity founded in 2012 out of a long term love affair with the Golden Retriever breed - in particular with the British Cream Retrievers. Our mission is to breed, train, and match our golden retrievers with active duty returning veterans with mobility and psychological assistance needs.

After almost a decade of raising and training the British Creams, it was impossible not to bear witness to the great joy that their affection and intelligence brought to all those around them.

As we saw so many young men and women returning from service with injuries - both psychological and physical - and an insufficient support system, we searched for a way to help and realized that the solution was not in front of our noses but instead laying at our feet - golden retrievers.

With this realization, we developed the idea of formalizing and channeling the retrievers' training to be able to act as service dogs for those with psychological and mobility assistance needs. The culmination of all of this work was the founding of the charitable organization, Dogs Of Great Service (D.O.G.S.).

To learn more about our breeding and training program, please take a look at our Dogs page.

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